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A Lightweight High-Performance VPN with Build-in Forward Error Correction Support, Improves your Network Quality on a High-latency Lossy Link, uses same lib as UDPspeeder 10/29/2017


Blazy is a modern login bruteforcer which also tests for CSRF, Clickjacking, Cloudflare and WAF . 10/29/2017


Node.js package that manages CSV to JSON conversion supporting complex field mapping 10/29/2017


Free README editing+feedback to make your open-source projects grow. See the README maturity model to help you keep going. 10/26/2017


an embeddable dumb heartbeat daemon in 260 bytes of RAM and ≈350 bytes of code 10/26/2017


A buddy for :baby: Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time to learn about and predict baby''s needs without (as much) guess work. 10/26/2017


HTTP 2.0 client & server implementation for Rust. 10/26/2017


Wiki.js | A modern, lightweight and powerful wiki app built on NodeJS, Git and Markdown 10/26/2017


Render After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) animations natively on Android and iOS, Web. 使用 SVGAPlayer 在 Android、iOS、Web中播放 After Effects / Animate CC (Flash) 动画。 10/26/2017


The container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform. 10/03/2017


Nzyme collects 802.11 management frames directly from the air and sends them to a Graylog (Open Source log management) setup for WiFi IDS, monitoring, and incident response. It only needs a JVM and a WiFi adapter that supports monitor mode. 10/03/2017


Skylark in Go: the Skylark configuration language, implemented in Go 10/03/2017

Git hunter - best free github source code