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A utility for arming (creating) many bees (micro EC2 instances) to attack (load test) targets (web applications). 09/08/2017


PaxosStore has been deployed in WeChat production for more than two years, providing storage services for the core businesses of WeChat backend. Now PaxosStore is running on thousands of machines, and is able to afford billions of peak TPS. 08/30/2017


Python scriptable Reverse Engineering Sandbox, a Virtual Machine instrumentation and inspection framework based on QEMU 08/13/2017


A 16-bit virtual machine, including assembly language with 37 instructions, binary assembler, and a step through debugger 07/22/2017


More than 50 machine learning models (and tests) based on TensorFlow / PyTorch 07/15/2017


A Flexible and Powerful Parameter Server for large-scale machine learning 06/16/2017


🔮 spaCy''s Machine Learning library for NLP in Python 06/03/2017

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