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Free README editing+feedback to make your open-source projects grow. See the README maturity model to help you keep going. 10/26/2017


Skylark in Go: the Skylark configuration language, implemented in Go 10/03/2017


[Show :heart: love by 🌟] Your personal library of every algorithm and data structure code that you will ever encounter 10/02/2017


A lightweight, good expandability Android library used for displaying different pages like loading, error, empty, timeout or even your custom page when you load a page.(优雅地处理加载中,重试,无数据等) 09/26/2017


A Genetic Algorithm-Based Solver for Jigsaw Puzzles :cyclone: 09/21/2017


Snakes from the classical game are controlled by neural networks and evolve using a genetic algorithm. 09/17/2017


An incremental linear constraint-solving algorithm (Auto Layout) in Swift. 09/16/2017

Git hunter - best free github source code